The whole world population is in great need for repentance the Lords comming is at hand!

By evangelist: Ove Jan ludvigsen

The endtime generation says, we doesn`t need the Lord, we doesn`t need to repentance, we doesn`t need to be saved, we doesn`t, not at all we plan out our own direction!

But I tell you as a great truth and greetings from the Lord, what you have need for in these serious last days of the endtime, before the comming of the Lord, that is to see you own situation in the words Mirror, then you shall really see and understand, if you have need for something, you need is Christs salvation for you soul, not anything else, nothing else can give you, rescue from the sin, but there is only one who can do that, He has already did it, reconcilliation for you sin, was done on the cross, on Calvary.

All of us who live in the entire world to day, we are vitnes till worldvide trouble everywhere, throughout, nearby every nation in the world, that tell us, the endtime worldproblems, doesn`t give promis for political peace, through ungodly political Conferences, etc. not at all, that will give the world more and more troubleful problems. Worldproblems can`t be stop through ungodly Conferences, ungodly Conferences, for worldvide peace, make more and more trouble! That is the truth, if you believe it or not!

I would like to take you to the scripture, and just show you what that has for you and me in these last days of the endtime, right before the comming of the Lord, and the rapture for the saints from these ungodly, and sinful planet, the earth. Lets go to the Bible!

The Bible saith: Matt. 24:6-8. And you will hear of wars and tumors of wars; see that you are not frightened or troublet, for this must take place, but the end is yet.

For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in place after place;

All this is but the begining —of the intolerable anguish.

What the prophecy has foretold us is the plain truth, the endtime and its events is estimatet right up to the ages we are facing nowadays, where we facing, tumors of wars, but at the same our Bible, encourage us to not be frightened, either, troublet. Why? Just because the prophecy for the endtime, is a warning to us, which just tell us what to come, and what not to come. But because of the prophetical message is unchangeable, is also the reason why it must take place, must happen! But before the end is completly, the entire world shall experience, what we experience right at hand. Nation has already rise against nation, also kingdom against kingdom, we also experience lots of earthquakes and famines, in difference places in the entire world. All these events is the begining and the end of the endtime for this world, and the worlds ungodly, acts, blasphemy, against the living almighty God.

Lets be ready the comming of the Lord, is right at hand – GLORY TO GOD JESUS CHRIST!

«The whole world population is in great need for repentance the Lords comming is at hand!»

Yes, that is the whole truth, no one can`t say, that isn`t the truth, the Bible saith, that is the truth, the reel prophetical, the real unchangeable prophetical facts and truth warning for the endtime people on the earth. In the world there is many things we can recommended to the our human being, who can be good for them, but there is nothing to recommended, which can give them salvation, and give them new spiritual life in Christ Jesus. That means to be born again, only Jesus, can give the human being, that great experience, to be born again, a new creation in Christ Jesus, our God, Lord, King, and saviour!

If you are among the elected ones from the begining, which means, from before the foundation of this world. You von`t denied this message, but you will call upon the name of the Lord, for salvation and everlasting life in Jesus Christ!

You are welcome in Jesus` name, God bless you – AMEN!