The Lord have a deeply mercy with you!

And He is unchangeable – What He say – Is also what He means!

By evangelist: Ove Jan Ludvigsen.

Believe it or not, but that is the real truth, and a great greetings to you from the Lord!

To day you and me experience a new day, a new day with difference opportunity to take some new decision, in the presence of the Lord, and the human beings around us. Are we changeable, or unchangeable, lets read in the Bible concern Jesus, in His relationship to us?

The Bible saith: Hebrew 13:8. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

The word is unchangeable, and the word is the same as Jesus Him Self, the word is Jesus, Jesus, is the word. That is also the great reason that He can never change, He is, and He will be forever and ever, unchangeable, that`s our great and steady guarenty for our eternity, in Christ Jesus!

That, He is the same yesterday, means before the foundation of te world! That He is the same today, means right now in a tweenkling of an eye, right here and now! That He is forever, means to the end of this world existence, and after the ende of the Millenium, and further in the new heaven and the new earth. Jesus Christ can`t never end, He has no begining, and no end. He is from before the foundation of the earth, and shall continue without ending, Hallelujah, such a wonderful Christ we have!

In that great prophetical word, find we also Jesus`s great and deeply mercy with you, and for you! When He says, He, is the same yesterday, today, and forever, in these words lay also the Lords` mercy for you, from the begining, and right now to day, even forever who is in the futura that we are facing now! Believeth in Jesus, is the same as believeth from the first pst time, all the way in, in the endless futura, who is the New heaven and the New Earth!

Note that: The Lords deeply mercy to you, and His unchangeable, and what He say, is also what He means! All together and to the best for you – Amen!